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Fremantle Facility

Fremantle Wave Energy Research Facility

Carnegie has been operating its unique, purpose built private Wave Energy Research Facility since 2005. It is an invaluable asset and an enabler of Carnegie’s rapid prototyping capability that allows the company to move from concept to in-ocean prototype testing, via advanced computational modelling and onshore testing, in a matter of months.

Carnegie’s Wave Energy Research Facility is located at Fremantle in Western Australia and consists of an integrated onshore and offshore test facility. Onshore, Carnegie carries out high cycle, accelerated testing of CETO components. This has included a combined 3 million cycles of scaled CETO pumps to test performance and to increase understanding of wear and routine maintenance.

Offshore, Carnegie holds a lease over an ocean area that is used for ongoing in-sea prototype and pilot plant testing in a subdued wave energy “nursery” site allowing rapid testing and recovery. Carnegie is the only wave energy company in the world to have exclusive access to such a Wave Energy Research Facility.

Carnegie’s Fremantle Wave Energy Research Facility

  • Offshore lease area located 300m from onshore facility
  • Offshore test site connected via pipeline, hydraulic hoses, power and instrumentation cables to onshore facility
  • Real time technology and environmental monitoring including offshore CCTV, SCADA data acquisition system and wave buoy
  • Onshore facility allows high frequency, in house testing of CETO 3 commercial scale components prior to deployment
  • Historical wave data collected since January 2007

Image Gallery

  • Offshore inspection of CETO unit, Fremantle

    Offshore inspection of CETO unit, Fremantle

  • Onshore and Offshore testing facilities

    Onshore and Offshore testing facilities

  • Onshore Inspection of Hydraulic Skid

    Onshore inspection of hydraulic skid

  • Onshore Pump and Hydraulic Test Rig

    Onshore pump and hydraulic test rig

  • Overview of Fremantle Facility

    Overview of Fremantle Facility

  • Inspection of CETO Test Rig

    Inspection of CETO test rig