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Press 2013

Perth-based company building world's first wave energy farm off WA coast (Video)

20 December 2013 ABC News Online

"This is the first time that any company has ever deployed multiple wave energy units into what's called a 'wave farm' and produced electricty and fresh water from that", Dr Mike Ottaviano said. Click here to view the video

Carnegie Sees Signs of Progress (252Kb)

20 December 2013 The West Australian

Backed by the likes of Mike Fitzpatrick and Dale Alcock, Carnegie Wave Energy yesterday made a decisive step towards delivering on its goal of delivering renewable energy to the Australian Navy's Garden Island base.


13 Major Clean Energy Breakthroughs of 2013 (991Kb)

18 December 2013 Climate Progress (Online)

Carnegie's system, "a world first" will be carbon-free, and efficient in terms of both energy and cost.


ABC News (YouTube)

18 December 2013 ABC News

Carnegie’s Managing Director Dr. Michael Ottaviano talks to ABC about the Perth Wave Energy Project.

Waves charge ahead (134Kb)

08 December 2013 The Sunday Times

"Theoretically, the resource could supply WA some 10 times over. Practically, I'd hope that 10 to 20 per cent of WA's electricity would be coming from waves in the next 20 years" said Carnegie's CEO, Dr Michael Ottaviano


Wave power project rolls on (2.3Mb)

08 October 2013 The West Australian

Carnegie Wave Energy’s bid to generate electricity from wave action has hit two milestones.


$1 million wave energy project completed (249Kb)

07 October 2013 Portland Observer

Keppel Prince continues to broaden its position in the manufacturing market after completing a $1 million contract for a Perth wave energy project.


Parternship puts Ireland at front of marine energy research (268Kb)

01 October 2013 Engineers Journal

Carnegie Wave Energy has partnered with the Marinew Renewable Energy Ireland Centre on a collaborative research project that has been funded in conjunction with Beaufort Research, in University College Cork.


Footy Fever (350Kb)

28 September 2013 Australian Financial Review

Green Ventures has emerged as the biggest shareholder in Carnegie Wave Energy. Fitzpatrick is confident that such technology, being trialled in Western Australia, will prove successful.


Carnegie Shores-up investment in 2013 (344Kb)

19 September 2013 EcoGeneration

The potential wave energy market is a large global one and while Carnegie is an Australian-based company, we have global ambitions.