Perth Wave Energy Project BAs at BAE

Press 2014

Carnegie's $6m move (79Kb)

26 March 2014 The West Australian

Carnegie Wave Energy has launched a discounted $6 million share purchase plan to expand its Perth Wave Energy Project (CETO 6)


Carnegie Wave Energy in CEFC loan deal(127Kb)

21 March 2014 Business News WA

"With our wave energy resource and technology capabilities, particularly in the offshore oil and gas industries we believe there is significant potential for Australia to be a leader in this field." Carnegie CEO Dr Michael Ottaviano said.


Green bank lends $20m to wave firm (452Kb)

20 March 2014 The Australian

In its first wave energy investment, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) provided a $20 million five-year loan facility to Carnegie Wave Energy to help accelerate the final stafe of development for its CETO wave power technology.


Criterion - Carnegie Wave Energy(103Kb)

19 March 2014 The Australian

Speculative Buy


Clean Energy Finance Corp extends $20m loan to Carnegie Wave Energy(122Kb)

19 March 2014 The Sydney Morning Herald

The loan will support the development of Carnegie's CETO 6 technology.


Clean energy loan waved through (738Kb)

19 March 2014 The Age

The company is near completion of what is claimed to be a world-first demonstration of grid-connected, commercial-scale array with its Perth Wave Energy Project.


Morgan Stanley backed Atlantis, Carnegie Wave to cut power costs (112Kb)

25 February 2014 Bloomberg New Energy Finance Alert(Online)

"Collaboration between developers in the marine energy space is both essential for progress to be continued to be made and inevitable as marine energy technologies and markets mature," Michael Ottaviano, managing director of Carnegie said.

A vision for a sustainable State all can benefit from (354Kb)

11 February 2014 The West Australian

A major, further, advantage of wave energy is that it provides, in the first instance, high pressure seawater that can be desalinated directly without any energy conversion efficiency losses. This would open up a whole new source of drinking water for remote coastal communities.


Carnegie Hunts for CETO 6 Sites (343Kb)

28 January 2014 ReNews (Online)

Australian outfit Carnegie Wave Energy is on the hunt for potential project sites for its next generation CETO 6 generator with options in the UK on the radar.


Carnegie reaches milestone with wave project (374Kb)

11 January 2014 The West Australian

The first two pile foundations were installed and the installation of the third and final pile is underway.