Perth Wave Energy Project - CETO 5 Unit Tow Out

Press 2015

New generation wave energy: could it provide one third of Australia's electricity?

01 December 2015 The Guardian

“This is seriously transformational, because it allows island, off grid and fringe grid communities to tap into the biggest advantage of wave energy, which is its consistency,” says chief executive Michael Ottaviano. “This is going to allow very high penetration of renewable energy into island networks. Up until now that has not been possible. Cheaper battery storage and solar helps, but the combination of wave with other renewables makes it easier to take higher penetration renewables into places it hasn’t been before, comfortably and cost effectively.”


National Geographic - Water Apocalypse

29 October 2015 National Geographic - Breakthrough Explorer

Carnegie to feature in National Geographic’s “Breakthrough” series, premiering in the US on Sunday, November 1st, 2015. The series features “cutting edge innovations and advancements that feature the real world of tomorrow…today.”


World-first wave power microgrid to be trialled in WA

29 October 2015 ABC Online

"This is a model for islands to move away from diesel-power generation into a combination of renewables," Dr Ottaviano said.


Energy in Motion - Wave players' swell connection

21 September 2015 Business News WA

WA's natural wave resources have made it home to three energy companies that have taken a collegial approach to developing new technology


Catch the Wave: The Untapped Potential of Ocean Energy

13 August 2015 EcoGeneration Magazine

Carnegie Wave Energy's role in two out of these three [ARENA] projects is an acknowledgement of the company's commitment to the development of ocean energy. It is the largest employer in the Australian wave energy industry, and has raised over $80 million to fund the development of the CETO wave energy technology.


Surf's Up

12 August 2015 Wired Magazine

These wave farms help to power an Australian naval base - and they're coming to Cornwall


Reaping power from the big blue

03 August 2015 The West Australian

A group of WA engineers have created a wave power plant that the Federal Government believes may be the Holy Grail of base-load renewable energy.


Riding a wave of clean energy

26 June 2015 WA Business News

When Carnegie Wave Energy managing director Michael Ottaviano founded the business, he was up against 12 established global players all racing to commercialise similar technology designed to harness the ocean's power and turn it into electricity.


Winter test for Carnegie's wave power project

09 June 2015 The Australian

During the bleak weather, Carnegie's inaugural project - which powers HMAS Stirling, Australia's biggest naval facility - faced a foaming reliability test. "We generated power all the way through it," Ottaviano says. "It was beautiful to see."


Growing pains amid waves of success - Speculative Buy

30 April 2015 Herald Sun

Renewable energy might be on the back burner in Australia, but the achievements of Carnegie Wave Energy are getting interesting. With strong recent interest from Chile in the technolgy and the advantage of being fully submerged in deep water, Carnegie retains a speculative buy call.