Perth Wave Energy Project BAs at BAE

Press 2016

South China Morning Post - Making waves: Australia's Carnegie seeks Chinese partners to commercialise wave energy

27 December 2016 South China Morning Post

China has managed to significantly cut the power generation cost of wind turbines and solar panels over the past five years. Now a company from Australia is betting China can do it again for one of the world’s last untapped renewable energy sources – ocean wave power.


The Australian - Lend Lease, Carnegie unit in green energy venture

19 December 2016 The Australian

Lendlease has teamed with ­Carnegie Clean Energy’s subsidiary Energy Made Clean (EMC) to deliver battery, solar, and storage microgrids across Australia.The agreement will let Lendlease and EMC identify, pursue and bid for contracts for solar and battery energy storage systems in Australia. It will link EMC’s expertise in the design, construction and operation of microgrids, commercial scale solar projects and energy storage systems with Lendlease’s skills and experience in the construction and maintenance of power distribution and generation assets.


The West Australian - Carnegie in microgrid joint venture with Lendlease

19 December 2016 The West Australian

Carnegie Clean Energy has struck a deal with infrastructure giant Lendlease to form a 50/50 joint venture as it eyes up a market tipped to be worth $5 billion within a decade. The agreement will see Carnegie subsidiary Energy Made Clean partner with Lendlease to pitch for and build solar-powered energy systems that can be coupled with batteries.


The Straits Times - Clean energy breakthrough buoys hopes in Australia

12 December 2016 The Straits Times

Off the west coast of Australia, three buoys were submerged last year and eventually spent more than 12 months underwater as part of an A$30 million (S$32 million) project described as the world's first fully functioning wave energy plant. The buoys, operated near Perth by Australian company Carnegie Wave Energy, provided power to a nearby naval base on Garden Island and were the first wave energy system to operate through all four seasons for over 14,000 hours in total.


Financial Review - Climate policy chaos sends wave energy pioneer Carnegie Wave to Cornwall

09 December 2016 Financial Review

Mike Ottaviano, Chief Executive of ASX-listed Carnegie Wave Energy, says the company is divorcing itself from political uncertainty over renewable energy in Australia by diversifying geographically and technologically with its first international export to the UK.


The Economist - Ruling The Waves

09 December 2016 The Economist

Carnegie Wave Energy won EU backing to launch a £60m ($74m) project to harness the power of those waves to generate electricity. If successful, it could help make Britain, with its NIMBYish aversion to onshore wind and solar farms, a pioneer in harvesting energy from the sea.


The Guardian- EU plans €320m funding boost for budding ocean energy industry

10 November 2016 The Guardian

The EU is proposing to spend hundreds of millions of euros to help the budding ocean energy industry to provide a tenth of the bloc’s power by 2050. The boost would take the form of a €250m investment fund, with an additional €70m set aside for insurance, loans and guarantees, according to the roadmap for channelling the potential of wave and tidal energy.


The Financial Times- Brussels backs £60m Cornish wave energy project

08 November 2016 The Financial Times

An Australian company has won EU backing for a £60m project to build the first commercial wave energy project connected to the electricity grid in England. Carnegie Wave Energy will receive £9.6m of EU regional development funds for a project at Hayle on the north coast of Cornwall that is among the most ambitious attempts yet to harness the power of ocean swells to produce clean energy.


The West Australian- Carnegie gets cash for UK wave project

08 November 2016 The West Australian

WA renewable energy company Carnegie Wave Energy Limited has been granted £9.5 million ($15.5 million) to proceed with a new project on the English coast. The European Regional Development Fund gave the local operation the money to kickstart the £60 million wave energy project at Wave Hub in Cornwall — a site which is billed as the world’s biggest and most technologically advanced area for the testing and development of offshore renewable energy technology.


The Times- Greek goddess will rule the waves at marine energy farm off Cornwall

07 November 2016 The Times

Britain’s first wave farm is to be built off Cornwall in what could be an alternative to unsightly offshore wind farms. The Ceto, a giant buoy named after a sea goddess from Greek mythology, moves up and down with waves and uses the motion to drive a hydraulic cylinder and generate electricity. Unlike other wave-power devices it is fully submerged, meaning that it is safer from storms and invisible from the shore.