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Alongside the CETO technology, Carnegie has developed its in house expertise such that we can now offer the following types of studies to assist your company/research group.

CETO Pre Concept Study

The Pre Concept CETO study is aimed at assisting in identifying and quantifying the suitability of locations for the installation of CETO technology and to provide estimates of the MWhr/per annum capacity of development sites.This study is a fixed price of US $20,000 per site, customers wishing to engage Carnegie Wave Energy Limited to determine the suitability of sites.

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CETO Concept Feasibility Study

Customers who have completed the Pre Concept CETO study and wish to progress further to determine the suitability of a proposed site. This more in depth study will include:

  • Assessments of local markets
  • Detailed project design
  • Constructability Assessment
  • Regulatory Assessment
  • Supply Chain Assessment
  • Bankability
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CETO FEED (Front End Engineering Design) Wave Farm Study

The FEED study is the final step offered by Carnegie Wave Energy Limited in progressing toward a Wave Farm. Building on the analysis and assessment undertaken during the concept feasibility study. The CETO FEED study involves the detailed project design implementing a CETO technology wave farm at the site specified by the customer.

The CETO FEED study will cost US $500,000 with an expected d

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Service - CETO Pre Concept Study