Mauritian Wave and Microgrid Design Project

Carnegie’s Mauritian Wave and Microgrid Design Project is focused on the potential for high penetration renewable energy microgrids that incorporate wave energy.

The Project on Mauritius and the neighbouring island of Rodrigues will deliver three outcomes by the end 2016:

1. A renewable energy roadmap for Mauritius, including: technical, commercial and financial feasibility of high penetration renewable energy.

2. An assessment of the Mauritian wave energy resource and the identification of a preferred site for a commercial CETO wave energy project.

3. The design of a microgrid powered desalination plant on the Mauritian island of Rodrigues.

The Project is supported by $800,000 in funding from the Australian and Mauritian Governments.

Australian based Energy Made Clean (EMC), proven specialists in the delivery, construction and operation of microgrids, will assist Carnegie in the delivery of the Mauritian Wave and Microgrid Design Project. This follows the announcement by Carnegie of its Investment and Alliance Agreement with EMC in March 2016.

New Microgrid

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